Madison Avenue Insurance Group

Equine & Ranch Insurance Policies

Madison Avenue Insurance Groups founder, Stacey has a special love for horses. Growing up riding and showing horses, her passion for the animals has never left.  We very much enjoy writing this line of business.

Farm and Ranch Policies

Most homeowners’ insurance policies excluded business activities.  If you are receiving income for boarding horses, have employees or have anyone visiting your property that is not a personal guest you likely need a farm policy.  Most policies will include your primary home, vehicles, and excess liability all in one.

Commercial Equestrian Liability 

For those that board horses, provide riding instruction, breed, or train horses. For horse show events, riding clubs and more.

Equine Mortality & Loss of Use

This coverage is basically Life Insurance for your horse.  It also can provide coverage against loss from injury and theft.  Premiums are based on horse’s breed, age and use.  Loss of use coverage would come into play after an accident that bears the horse unable to fulfill prior function.

Medical Services

This is an option for the Equine Mortality policies.  Coverage from a covered loss can include diagnostic tests, and procedures performed by a veterinarian.  Other options for international travelers is transportation costs.