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Life Insurance

Life Insurance for Business Owners

There are many different reasons why people have life insurance.  Whatever your reason, needs and goals are, we are here to help you meet your needs.

Whether you are trying to protect your family financially or funding a business sale after death, we have many options available for you.  Below is a list of various plans. 

Family Needs/ Estate Protection Plan

With the sorrow and despair that comes with losing a loved one, don’t let financial burdens add further grief. Planning the financial future for your family is a great gift to leave them. Let us help you to protect your loved ones.

Partnership Buy-Sell Plans

These plans can be simple or complex. The question to ask is “What will happen to the partnership when one of the partners dies”? Will the remaining partner(s) continue business with the deceased partner’s family? Or should there be a set price paid to the family to release their interest in the partnership? These agreements can be easily funded with Life Insurance.

Policy Replacement/1035 Exchanges

As life expectancy increases, life insurance premiums are reduced.  If you are in better health now than you were when you put your current policy in place, it may be cost effective to re-rate your policy. 

Key Man Insurance

This is purchased when there is a “Key” Employee that the business would have a difficult time replacing. And/or that their death would have an adverse affect on the business. The funds could be used to sway a potential hire away from their existing company or pay for temporary help. 

Creditor Protection & Charity Gifting Plans

When banks want a personal guarantee on loans, Life Insurance, at times, could be used as additional creditor protection. If a significant amount of money to a charity, this can also be set up with Life Insurance. Charitable gifts can also be provided for with life insurance policies.