Options for Business Owners or Groups of 1

If you are a business owner with employees or if you are your business’s only employee, we can
help you obtain group health insurance coverage.

The group plans costs are tax deductible have a much broader network of providers to include:
Providence, Swedish, Franciscan, UW Medical and more. The deductible options go from $500
to $6,000 and if you make too much money to receive discounted rates on the WA HealthPlan
finder, the group rates are usually less expensive.

In 2019 all of the individual plans offered through the Health Plan Exchange are HMOS and
EPO plans which means you choose a primary care doctor in your network and are then referred
by your doctor go anywhere else.

The employer sponsored plans are the only PPO plans available in 2019. Which means you can
go where you choose without a doctor referral.

How do I qualify for an employer sponsored health plan?

You must have at least 1 employee with W2 income in the previous calendar year.
If you are your business’s only employee, you will need pay yourself at least one W2 check in
2018. That should allow you to obtain group coverage for a 2/1/2019 effective date.

Group plans do NOT have an open enrollment period. They can be started or stopped at any
time during the year.

If you are interested in more information, please contact our office.

Personal Plan Options

If you need help finding the right plan and network on the WA Health Plan Finder, we can also
help. Simply register or log into your account and search “Agent” then choose “Stacey Scott”.
This will link us to you and authorize us to help.

Medicare Options

We have partnered with a new brokerage and have several Medicare Supplement plan options.  Please call Mila at our office to schedule an appointment.

Stacey A Scott Insurance Agency Inc.
Madison Avenue Insurance Group
14522 NE N Woodinville Way Ste 205 Woodinville, WA 98072

Office Telephone (425) 481-1430 X 1007
Business Owners, email Stacey@madisonaveins.com (Stacey)
Personal Health plans email service@madisonaveins.com (Karly)
Medicare email csr@madisonaveins.com (Mila)

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