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Madison Avenue Insurance Group is one of the top commercial property writers in the state of Washington.  We are very experienced in commercial real estate and can work with you to find right coverage for your specific needs.

We have direct apartment insurance for all years built, types and sizes of buildings to include; apartment buildings, condo conversions, condominiums, condo associations, commercial real estate, hotels and motels, warehouse space and strip malls.

Clients with multiple locations may benefit from our “Master Policy” insurance policies.

Client “Master Insurance Policy”
Provides package commercial insurance coverage for mutiple location on 1 policy, 1 agent and 1 bill for all locations.  There is no minimum premium or number of locations.  Adding and deleting locations can be done with ease.

Earthquake Insurance
Whether your building has been retrofitted or no, we have several markets for commercial earthquake, flood, and mudslides in all states we are licensed commercial earthquake coverage.

If you are interested in adding this coverage to this your commercial real estate portfolio, please call our office at your earliest convenience. Pricing is based on type of building, the year it was built and if it is retrofitted for earthquakes.  

Loss Prevention Kits
Contact us for a complimentary copy of our “Loss Prevention Kit” and your personalized insurance quote.   Some properties will qualify for discounts based your landlord experience and loss history, claims history and building safety.  Do not forget to mention this to us when you call.

Madison Avenue Insurance Group is licensed to write insurance in Washington, Oregon, California,Utah, Arizona and Texas. States are added as our clients needs expand. 


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