Suicide CleanupThe taking of one's own life (or the attempt) can be very difficult to understand for the family, friends and landlord left behind. Most people will never fully understand the desperation that makes a person take a life and few are aware of what a suicide cleanup or crime scene cleanup after a murder involves.

Suicide Cleanup Requires Specialized Technicians

Suicide cleanup or crime scene cleanup requires special care because blood and bodily fluids cannot be removed by your average cleaning company. Suicide or crime scene cleanup situations require costly, trained specialists because biological material can be spread to several rooms and must be disposed of correctly. Our office has just gone through this process with one of our apartment owner clients. A tenant shot himself in the head in one of the units, leaving debris in three rooms. The cleanup process and the timing is detailed below.

Timeline of a Cleanup

• The police retained access to the unit for close to 2 weeks to investigate and obtain valuable information. • By the time the police gave the building owner access to the apartment again there was a sever odor problem affecting other tenants. The landlord paid to move them temporarily from the building. • Substantial amounts of wallboard had to be removed and replaced. • The carpet and sub floor needed to be replaced. • An new set of custom cabinets needed to be built, delivered and installed. • The living room window had to be ordered, fabricated and installed. • All new flooring, sub floor and vinyl needed to be installed. • The wallboard was installed, taped and painted. • This incident happened during the holiday season so there were short work weeks and overtime pay required to speed up the process. • The apartment was vacant a total of 4 months with loss of rents.

What Does a Biohazard Cleanup Cost?

The average cost of these types of claims are $8,000-$14,000 plus the loss of rents.

What is Covered?

Luckily for this client, they had asked all tenants to carry renter's insurance. The renter's insurance paid for the damages under the liability limits on the policy. Contact Madison Avenue Insurance for more information about insurance coverage for landlords Toll Free: (866) 700-7510 Direct: (425) 481-1430 Email: Si Abla Espanol!