If proper precautions aren't taken, a fire could potentially ruin your business. Here at Madison Avenue Insurance, we want to make sure that you know these important tips for preventing and dealing with fire damage. Taking Photos First, make sure you take plenty of pictures of your building before fire damage occurs- having a record of the building's contents and interior will help when filing claims later. After the incident occurs, documenting everything is the key to easing the claims process, and ensuring a fair resolution. Work with the Insurance Company After a fire, make sure you contact your insurance company immediately, and give them full access to the building. If you are renting out a building, it's a good idea to make renter's insurance policies mandatory for your tenants. Renter's insurance will help your tenants replace their possessions, and get you out of hot water if their belongings do get destroyed. Prevention Even if you were prepared for any possible accident, the best way to protect your asset is to prevent a fire from ever happening. Make sure your building meets fire code regulations, and install fire resistant drywall. That installation could potentially save you thousands of dollars by preventing the spread of a fire. Need More Information? We can help. Call Madison Avenue Insurance for current rates and more information Toll Free: (866) 700-7510 Direct: (425) 481-1430