Master policies can help owners with multiple properties to more easily manage the insurance on all of them, while still getting the best coverage. Master policies are also a good way to limit the amount of work necessary to maintain the insurance on your holdings. The Benefits of a Master Policy A Master policy is one large policy that encompasses the insurance of multiple properties. These policies can contain any underlying plans or certificates of insurance issued as evidence of coverage under the master policy. At Madison Avenue Insurance Group, we offer both client and property manager Master Policies which mean one agent, one bill, and one policy for you.  There is no minimum premium or number of locations.  Need to add a property to your policy, or remove one from it? No problem. We'll work with you to make sure that your master policy suits your needs exactly. Less Hassle, More Money By putting all of your properties on a single policy, you can save money, and have a much easier time managing the insurance on all of them. Fewer policies means less paperwork, and more time for you to manage your investments. In fact, if you Email or fax us a list of your property addresses and we will prepare a master commercial insurance policy quote for you. If you have any further questions about Master Policies, or the ways in which we can help you protect your investments, you can call Madison Avenue Insurance at (425) 481-1430